Matt Davies Stockton Reveals How to Improve Your Sales with Sales Intelligence Tools


According to Matt Davies Stockton, sales intelligence tools collect and analyze customer data to improve lead generation, close additional deals, increase conversions and provide you valuable insights. Let’s check out how you can use them to improve your sales with sales intelligence tools.

The Details

1. Choose a sales intelligence provider – Identify your goals before you choose a sales intelligence tool. All the tools available on the market work differently and have their own niche. That’s why you need to do your own research and make a list of features important to you. Some common features provided by sales intelligence tools include data enrichment, lead generation, trigger data, lead qualification, and more. Figure out the things you need and choose a tool accordingly.

2. Build an ICP – Building an ICP(Ideal Customer Profile) is the first step towards lead generation, qualification, and nurturing. The traditional ideal customer profile won’t cut it since the market is constantly changing. Sales intelligence tools can learn more about your customers and collect data to improve the overall accuracy of your ICP. You can gain insights on content consumed, intent drivers, area of operations, purchase triggers, and more. That valuable data allows your team to focus on quality leads and improve their efficiency with the most suitable messaging.

3. Better sales prospects – Sales intelligence tools can allow you to understand how your buyers make their purchase decisions. You can determine customer intent and come up with the most effective methods to approach potential buyers. Once you successfully integrate intent data with sales intelligence tools, you can receive alerts when there’s a high probability of a potential buyer turning into a regular customer. These are valuable hot leads that your sales team can focus on to gently nudge the prospects into converts.

4. Identify up-selling and cross-selling possibilities – Data shows that businesses were able to leverage cross-sells to boost overall sales by 20 percent and increase their profits by as much as 30 percent. The same holds for up-sells. Cross-sells and upsells are keys to creating a loyal customer base and sales intelligence tools can help with that.

They allow you to focus on existing customers while maintaining lead generation simultaneously. These tools can identify powerful buying signals from customers that already exist in your platform. You just need to enhance their experience every time. 

5. Acquire competitor insights – You need to maintain an edge over your competition and that’s only possible when you keep an eye on them. Sales intelligence tools allow you to collect crucial competitor data like the expiration of contracts. This kind of data allows you to develop a core strategy to lure away customers from the competition and draw them to your own brand.   


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to make the most out of sales intelligence tools. Sales intelligence is going to become the future of sales and it’s already on its way to not remaining an optional tool anymore.