The advantage of using Configuration Management Tools from LimePoint

Building a complex network environment requires continuous repetition, maybe boring. If done alone, the risk of errors will increase, which causes a failure in production. For this reason, it is necessary to improve the work system that was previously manual to be an automatic work system that can be developed.

Currently, the configuration management tool offered by LimePoint can help you to promote network consistency, track network changes and provides up-to-date network documentation and visibility.

Configuration management is a big function in network management. It covers many areas. Many people think of configuration management as only managing the configuration of network devices, but configuration management includes more than this. Configuration management is not just technology that can collect device information in a detailed way, but configuration management also plays a role in the processes required for network support and operations.

The Configuration Management Tool can help administrators or DevOps to install, configure and manage remote machines directly from a computer.

The point is making all the machine’s settings traceable from the beginning to the last condition because every change is recorded in a script that can be saved in version control. Also, with the same configuration, it can be executed against different machines.

Do not let configuration deviations occur, the appearance of configuration deviations is caused by incorrect and inconsistent configurations across computers or devices. Configuration deviations occur naturally in the data center environment when software and hardware changes are made on an Adhoc basis and are not recorded or tracked comprehensively and systematically.

Drift configuration causes many system recovery failures and high availability. To prevent configuration errors, the administrator must maintain detailed information about the hardware network address and what version of the software is running it and which updates have been applied.

The configuration management software offered by LimePoint mint press & drift guard is available to help administrators prevent configuration errors. The software standardizes the identification of configuration items to be included in the drift guard, ensuring that data in the drift guard can only be changed by authorized personnel, allowing administrators to see the current status of each configuration item at any time and verify, even if audited, that the data in the drift guard has been accurate.