Three factors to diversify your SEO strategy

Changes are never new in the search engine optimisation (SEO) world, especially when it comes to devising strategies that can maximise the potential of SEO processes in the game of rankings and visibility.

In fact, this is what specialists such as SEO professionals Sydney thrive at especially when there are new updates that come up and would change the SEO landscape and there are always two sides to the story, either it becomes a blessing or a nightmare.

Nonetheless, these changes have always been welcomed and as these changes are generally important, so does the need to diversify SEO strategies, such as those undertaken by SEO marketing Sydney.

SEO evolves quickly, just as search engine algorithms constantly doing, which makes reliance on a single SEO strategy can be dangerous because you can run the risk of underperforming due to obsolete strategies.

On the contrary, your sole strategy could also go through the risk of over-optimisation such as the abuse of specific links or using too much link anchors that could trigger alarms for search engine manipulation and result in penalties and devaluations.

Here are three factors that SEO professionals Sydney could focus on to diversify their SEO strategies.

Content focus

There’s always a need to diversify your content strategies especially one that would allow you to touch base with all your target audience.

For instance, if your strategy is only aimed at targeting only those people who are ready to buy, missing out on other people with different intents could make you lose a larger piece of the market pie.

One such main strategy that can be highly effective is to develop content that that caters to every stage of your marketing funnel. This can guarantee you with more audience to target and funnel through, rather than focusing your attention on those that are already at the bottom.

Develop relevant and informative content that will address the needs for audience that are on the top and middle stages of the funnel, which could further add more people to your bottom stage of the funnel to guarantee you with better results.

Link Acquisition

Avoid using the same link acquisition tactic over and over again, as it could face the danger of overutilisation or could cease to perform.

Diversify your link acquisition activities to focus on link reclamation, resource link building, image link building, and unlinked mentions.

Using a combination of any or all of these tactics would not only help you determine what has become more relevant and effective but could also be a good opportunity to explore now combinations that could work for a variety of topics and niches.  

Topic Authority

Topic authority will help you get your SEO campaigns to the next level, considering that the market and audience behaviours have evolved over the years. Search queries relying on topic authority have been found to generate more compelling and reliable resource links on the search engine page results, as well as give you leverage on options for both organic and sponsored traffic.